Restaurant Sissi

of Andrea Fenoglio

Restaurant Sissi opened its doors for the first time in 1991 in a small art deco building in Plankenstein Street. In this building once there had been a little corner shop and a tailor. Out of the corner shop the dining hall was made and out of the tailor’s shop the kitchen. The dining hall consisted of six tables only. Only later table 7 was added: a famous architect one evening – not being able to be seated as the restaurant was full – immediately got himself to do some drawings on just a little piece of paper and came up with a brilliant sort of paravent which made this extra table possible, nicknamed by everybody “the diner car”.

In 1998 the restaurant moved to 44, Galilei Street, once Restaurant “Andrea”. Today the restaurant has 10 tables plus one – table 11, a Stube and obviously a kitchen, which is not very large, but still allows us to work with serenity and joy. Our kitchen and service team try to thrill our clients by balancing evolutionary, advanced gastronomy with respect for the necessary rules of traditional hospitality.

The Kitchen - Our Menu

Ourcurrent menu offers dishes that vary based on seasonal products and range from traditional Italian dishes, to avant-garde and those that have established themself as a must-have for our regulars. We carefully decide which dishes to implement in our menu after a variety of factors. It depends wheter the dish makes sense at the time being, is in line with the city of Merano and our history or not. Our menu covers 30-35 dishes. You can choose to order as many as you like, à la Cart, the prices for Starters and First courses are 20,00/22,00€, Main course 32,00€ and Desserts 12,00€

You can create “il Vostro Menu” (“Your own menu”) choosing between 3 courses and a dessert in a Medium size choose by yourself for 80,00€

You can trust our choice with a menu “Cinquepiatti” a 5 cult courses surprise menu served in Small size for the whole table for the price of 85,00€ per person

Choose to be surprised by our “Settepiatti” made of 7 new and unique courses served in an XSmall portion for the entire table for 95,00€ per person 

The Lunchroom

The actual dining hall with its view of the castle “Castello Principesco” can accomodate up to 50 people..

La Stube

La Stube is a typical Tyrolean wooden lounge from the 1700s located on our upper floor; this room is particularly suitable for accommodating the single square table that can seat from 10 to 16 people and offers maximum privacy.


  • How should I dress?

    You can dress however you like at Sissi.
  • Should I book a table?

    At lunch we can always find a place for you. For dinner it’s best if you book, but if you come without a reservation we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • How late do you serve food?

    At lunch, the last orders go into the kitchen around 14.00, and at dinner around 21.15
  • Can I bring my dog?

    Absolutely. We ask only that you let us know in advance so we can put you at a table where there’s also space for your 4-legged friend.
  • Do you have a children's menu?

    There are always choices on our menu that are more appealing to kids, otherwise we’d be happy to make some simple spaghetti with tomato sauce.
  • I am a celiac, will I find suitable choices on your menu?

    Most of our dishes are gluten-free, and we can make minor changes to others so that they too are gluten-free.
  • I'm a vegetarian, will your menu have choices for me?

    We always include vegetarian dishes in our menu.
  • Do you offer gift certificates?

    Of course, just send us an email or pass by the restaurant. We would be happy to help you prepare the gift that will be most appreciated.
  • Where can I park?

    There is a paid car park in Via G. Galilei, just 50 metres before Sissi, or you can park at the Terme lot, which is about a 3 minute walk from the restaurant.
  • I don't drink wine, what can I drink?

    We offer a selection of organic juices, non-alcoholic beer and 3-4 high quality beers.
  • Have you got a terrace?

    We’ve got a terrace, but in the summer we keep all our windows open and the effect is like a terrace with the comfort of being indoors.


  • Do you have access for the disabled?

    Unfortunately the building was constructed many years ago, and there are 6-7 steps at the entrance. Our staff will be happy to help you up into the restaurant. The bathroom is located on the second floor. There are reserved parking places for the disabled right in front of Sissi.
  • What credit cards are accepted?

    We accept ATM cards and all credit cards except AMEX and DINERS
  • Do you organise lunches or dinners for special occasions like weddings, birthdays or business dinners?

    Absolutely. Contact us and we’ll organise the event tailor-made for you, at Sissi or in another location.
  • What languages are your menu in?

    Italian, German, English and Russian

Restaurant Sissi – Andrea Fenoglio

Day of rest: Monday all-day and Tuesday noon (except on holidays) | Lunch is open from 12.15 pm | in the evening from 7 pm

Galileo Galilei-St. 44 | Merano (BZ) | Tel: +39 0473 231062 | Fax. +39 0473 237400



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